Bringing Technology Where It Cuts

Join the Forefront of Oil-Drilling Technology

As oil and gas become more difficult to access, DIAMANT continuously strives to improve drilling tool technology in order to meet today’s challenges. Our top-notch engineers ensure that your drilling tools are optimal for your particular drilling operation. As a global service company, we have the resources and expertise to exceed your objectives.

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Innovation and Continuous Improvement

To continue providing the right equipment for the job, our team rigorously examines our technology and operations as well as industry needs to develop original solutions to modern-day problems.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We believe that technology is the key to more efficient operations, so our developers will work closely with your team to ensure we manufacture a product that saves you time, money, and energy.

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Trailblazing Research and Development

We rely on the brightest minds across the globe to lead our research and development. Our design team works with application and field engineers to ensure that DIAMANT products are at top of the Industry

The Leading Edge of Innovation

Rise to the Challenge