Optimized products for your operations

Fixed cutter drilling bits and downhole tools

Drilling Bits

Steel Body Products

If you need to drill through soft to medium and hard formations, consider our steel body fixed cutter product line. We offer sizes from 3-7/8” to 28”.

Matrix Body Products

In environments with abrasive formations and high solids content, you need a matrix body PDC bit. DIAMANT provides sizes from 3-7/8” to 17-1/2”.

MicroCORE® Products

Our MicroCORE® bits utilize energy efficiently and can improve you penetration rate by up to 30%. We can tailor the size of your bit to your environment and operation.

StormEYE® Products

With strategically placed cutters and blade geometry, StormEYE® products will revolutionize your drilling operation.

Hybrid Bits - Matrix & Impreg

Our hybrid bits combine the resistance of matrix materials with the durability and rock removal mechanism of impregnated components.

Hybrid Bits – PEXUS™

PEXUS™ technology address the weakness of conventional products and is tailored to optimize your operation. Call our team to learn more about this tech.

Specialty Bits

Impregnated Bits

If PDC bits fail due to the abrasive formations you’re drilling through, give one of our impregnated bits a try. For better results, we adjust this product to your specific requirements.

Bi-Center Bits

Depending on your environment, you may need a bi-center bit. Our bi-center bits have an improved force-balanced cutting structure to enhance your drilling capabilities.

Casing Drilling Bits

Constructing a well can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Our KamiCASE™ products can run at the end of a casing to make your well construction easier and faster.

Coring Bits

Our coring bits come with steel or matrix, PDC or diamond, and any connection type you require. Call our sales team to discuss the size you need.

Downhole Solutions

SlickWELL™ Staged Hole Openers

SlickWELL™ Staged Hole Openers are designed to drill smoothly with a bottom part that conditions the hole while stabilizing the tool and a top part that determines the size of the hole.

SlickWELL™ Concentric Reamers

By combining the effects of stabilizers and passive reamers, SlickWELL™ Concentric Reamers will increase your drilling efficiency.

SlickWELL™ Eccentric Reamers

With passive reaming cutters and low-friction Tungsten Carbide Inserts, SlickWELL™ Eccentric Reamers deliver smooth drilling with little waste.

SlickWELL™ On-Bit Reamers

SlickWELL™ On-Bit Reamers work as an extension of the bit passive gauge and create an unobstructed wellbore for easier drilling.

SlickWELL™ Inline Reamers

Our SlickWELL™ Inline Reamers come in 6” to 28” and are customized to work effectively with RSS BHAs. Call our team to learn more.

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