Cutting-Edge Solutions

Advance Engineering

Research and Development

As great as our drilling products are, we believe there are more improvements to make, so our R&D team finds inefficiencies in our system and comes up with better solutions every day.


Our team has developed cutting-edge design software that gives us a leg up on our competition. Our sleek design process will exceed your expectations faster than any other company’s process in the industry.


Hydraulics are a vital technology in oil drilling, and we use Computational Fluid Dynamics models to create better solutions the first time around. Our products are sure to perform as expected in the field.

Application and Optimization Eng.

With powerful analysis software, you’ll use the right equipment for your unique application. DIAMANT understands your unique circumstances and uses better technology to meet them.

We Rigorously Evaluate and Improve Our Processes to Provide Top-Class Solutions

Eliminate Inefficiency