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With our patented MicroCORE® technology, you can increase your rate of penetration potentials by up to 30%. MicroCORE® technology will enable you to get more drilling done while using less energy.


Our unique StormEYE™ design places scribe-shaped cutters in multiple locations to further increase your energy-saving capacity. StormEYE™ is designed to work seamlessly with MicroCORE® technology to make your job even easier.


Body material needs to withstand a significant amount of stress. Our Katana™ technology was inspired by the katana sword and combines the benefits of steel and matrix to increase the resilience of body material in any environment.


There are times when you can’t avoid drilling in areas where the lithology is interbedded, the BHA is poorly stabilized, or axial vibration is unavoidable. Our WARTHOG™ cutting layout is designed to reduce premature breaks and chips by 50%.


In addition to our own tech, we provide PEXUS™ hybrid bits that combine gouging and shearing cutting actions. This powerful tool can drill through areas that would destroy an average PDC cutter.

Phoenix™ Cutters

While shock loading, abrasion exposure, and thermal instability can damage PDC cutters, our Phoenix™ Cutters are built to withstand these forces and maximize drill bit performance. Call DIAMANT to find the right tech for your application.

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