Targeted and Advanced Drilling

Application Engineering and Optimization Services

GeoSCAN™ Analysis

In order to evaluate and understand how to drill, it is important to know what to drill.

The GeoSCAN™ software is DIAMANT's in-house Rock Strength Analysis software that turns E-logs (from MWD/LWD etc) into geomechanical computation of the Rock Compressive strength (unconfined & confined) and a prognosis of the lithology.

The outputs give an insight of the drilling challenges for the target application and help DIAMANT recommend and fine-tune the most appropriate PDC bit design for the application.

Typical minimum requirements to run a GeoSCAN™ analysis  are:

  • Compressive sonic log (DT)
  • Gamma ray log (GR)

Application Database

All previous work performed by DIAMANT in its operations World-Wide are stored in our central data base for future references and analyses.

The central database includes from simple bit records to most detailed lithology analysis, BHA / drive types, well geometries as well as the experiences gained.

DIAMANT utilizes the application database as one of the tools to  increase the understanding of the different applications across the world which allow to recommend operators the products for optimum performance for the target application.

Fit for Purpose Technology Offering

The ultimate goal of application engineering is to gather a maximum of details about a given project to recommend the most suited drill bit design and trying to maximize:

  • Performances
  • Bit Life
  • Cost
  • Using

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